Matthew Bible

Job 19

Job, complaining of his friends' cruelty, sheweth there is misery enough in him to feed their cruelty.

Job 19:1 Iob answered, and sayde: Job 19:2 howe longe wil ye vexe my mynde, & trouble me wyth wordes? Job 19:3 Lo, ten tymes haue ye reproued me: are ye not ashamed, for to laugh me so to scorne? Job 19:4 yf I go wronge, I go wronge to my selfe. Job 19:5 But yf ye will enhaunce your selues againste me, & accuse me to be a wicked persone, because of the shame that is come vpon me: Job 19:6 knowe thys then, that it is God, whiche hath handled me so violently & hath compased me aboute with his scourges. Job 19:7 Beholde, though I crye, yet violence is done vnto me, I can not be herde: Though I complane, there is none to geue sentence with me. Job 19:8 He had hedged vp my payth, I can not get awaye, he hath set darckenesse in my gate. Job 19:9 He hath spoyled my of myne honoure, and taken the croune awaye from my head. Job 19:10 He hath destroyed my on euery syde, & I am vndone: My hope hath he taken awaye from me, as it were a tre plucte vp by the rote. Job 19:11 Hys wrath is kyndled agaynste me, he taketh me, as though I were hys enemy. Job 19:12 His men of warre came together, whyche made their waye ouer me, and beseged my dwellinge roundeaboute. Job 19:13 He hath put my brethren farre awaye from me, and suche as were of myne acquauntaunce, are become straungers vnto me. Job 19:14 Mine owne kynsfolkes haue forsaken me, and my frendes haue put me out of remembraunce. Job 19:15 The seruauntes & maydens of myne owne house take me for a straunger, and I am be come as an aleaunt in theyr syght. Job 19:16 When I call vpon my seruaunt, he geueth me no answere: no though I praye him wyth my mouth. Job 19:17 Myne owne wyfe may not abide my breth, I am faynt to speake fayre vnto the childeen of myne owne body. Job 19:18 Ye the very deserte fooles despyse me, and when I am gone from them, they speake euell vpon me. Job 19:19 Al suche as were my most familiers, abhorre me: and they whom I loued best, are turned against me. Job 19:20 My bone hangeth to my skynne, & my flesh is awaye, only there is left me the skynne aboute my teth.

He craveth pity.

Job 19:21 Haue pyte vpon me, haue pite vpon me (O ye my frendes) for the hande of the Lorde hath touched me. Job 19:22 Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied of my fleshe? Job 19:23 O that my wordes were written, O that they were put in a boke: Job 19:24 woulde God they were grauen with an yron penne in leade or in stone.

He believeth the resurrection.

Job 19:25 For I am sure, þt my redemer liueth & that I shal ryse out of the earth in þe latter day: Job 19:26 that I shal be clothed againe wyth thys skynne, & se God in my fleshe. Job 19:27 Ye I my selfe shal beholde hym, not wyth other but wyth these same eyes. My reynes are consumed within me,

He craveth pity.

Job 19:28 when ye saye: Why do not we persecute him? we haue founde an occasyon against hym. Job 19:29 But beware of the swearde, for the swearde wylbe auenged of wickednesse, and be sure, that there is a iudgement.

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