Matthew Bible

Job 21

Job sheweth that even in the judgment of man he hath reason to be grieved.

Job 21:1 Iob answered, and sayde. Job 21:2 O heare my wordes, and amende youre selues. Job 21:3 Suffre me a litle that I may speake also, and then laugh my wordes to scorne, yf ye wyll. Job 21:4 Is it with a man, that I make this disputacyon? Whych yf it were so, shoulde not my spyrite be then in sore trouble? Job 21:5 Marck me well, be abasshed, and laye youre hande vpon youre mouth. Job 21:6 For when I pondre & considre this, I am afrayed, & my fleshe is smitten with feare.

Sometimes the wicked do so prosper, and they despise God.

Job 21:7 Wherfore do wicked men lyue in health and prosperite, come to their olde age, and increase in ryches? Job 21:8 Their childers children lyue in their syght, and their generacion before their eyes. Job 21:9 Their houses are safe from all feare, for the road of God doth not smyte them. Job 21:10 Their bullocke grendeth, and that not oute of tyme: their cowe calueth, and is not vnfrutefull. Job 21:11 They sende forth their children by flockes, and their sonnes lead the daunce. Job 21:12 They beare with them tabrettes and harpes, & haue instrumentes of musycke at their pleasure. Job 21:13 They spent their dayes in welthinesse: but sodenlye they go doune to hel. Job 21:14 They say vnto God: go from vs: we desyre not the knowledge of thy wayes. Job 21:15 What maner of felow is the Almightye, that we shoulde serue him? What profyt should we haue, to submitte oure selues vnto hym?

Sometimes their destruction is manifest.

Job 21:16 Lo there is vtterly no goodnesse in them, therfore wyll not I haue to do with the councell of the vngodly. Job 21:17 How oft shall the candle of the wicked be put oute? howe oft commeth their destruccyon vpon them? O what sorow shal god geue them for their part in his wrath? Job 21:18 Yea, they shalbe euen as chaffe before the wynde, and as dust that the storme caryed awaye. Job 21:19 And though God saue their children from suche sorowe, yet wyl he so rewarde them selues, that they shall knowe it. Job 21:20 Their owne destruccion and misery shall they se with their eyes, and dryncke of the fearfull wrath of the Almighty. Job 21:21 For what careth he, what be come of his housholde after his death? whose monethes passe awaye swyfter then an arowe.

The happy and unhappy are alike in death.

Job 21:22 In as muche then as God hath the hyest power of all, who can teache hym any knoweledge? Job 21:23 One dyeth now, when he is myghtye & at his best, riche, & in prosperite: Job 21:24 euen when his bowels are at the fattest, & his bones ful of mary. Job 21:25 An other dyeth in sorowe and heauynesse, and neuer had good dayes. Job 21:26 Nowe slepe they bothe a lyke in the earthe, and the wormes couer them.

The judgment of the wicked is in another world.

Job 21:27 But I knowe what ye thincke, yea and what ye ymagin against me vnrighteously. Job 21:28 For ye saye: where is the Princes palace? where is the dwellinge of the vngodly? Job 21:29 Aske any man that goeth by the way, and (yf ye wyll not regarde their tokens and dedes) he shal tel you, Job 21:30 that the wicked is kept vnto the daye of destruccion, and that the vngodly shalbe broughte forthe in the daye of wrath. Job 21:31 Who darre reproue him for his waies to hys face? who rewardeth him for the vngracyousnesse that he doth? Job 21:32 Yet shall he be brought to his graue, and watche amonge the heape of the deade. Job 21:33 Then shall he be faine to be buryed amonge the stones by the broke syde. All men must folow him, and there are innumerable gone before him. Job 21:34 O how vayne is the comforte that ye geue me? Are not youre answeres cleane contrary to right and truthe.

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