Matthew Bible

Job 28

There is a knowledge of natural things,

Job 28:1 There are places where syluer is molten, and were golde is tried: Job 28:2 where yron is digged out of the ground, & stones resolued to metall. Job 28:3 The darkenes shal ones come to an ende, he can seke out the grounde of all thynges: the stones, the darcke, & the horrible shadowe. Job 28:4 Wyth the ryuer of water parteth he a sunder the straunge people, that knoweth no good neyghbourheade: suche as are rude, vnmanerly and boyustours. Job 28:5 He bryngeth foode out of the earthe, & that whiche is vnder consumeth he with fyre. Job 28:6 There is found a place, whose stones are cleane Saphirs, & where the clottes of earthe are golde. Job 28:7 There is a way also that the byrdes knowe not, that no vulturs eye hath sene: Job 28:8 wherin the proude & hye minded walke not, and where no lyon commeth. Job 28:9 There putteth he his hande vpon stony rockes, and ouerthroweth the mountaynes Job 28:10 Riuers flowe out of the rockes, and loke what is pleasaunt, his eye seith it. Job 28:11 Out of droppes bringeth he greate floudes together & the thinge that is hyd bringeth he to lighte.

but wisdom is an excellent gift of God.

Job 28:12 Howe commeth a man then by wysedome? Where is the place that men fynde vnderstandinge? Job 28:13 Verely no man can tell howe worthy a thynge she is, neither is she found in þe land of the liuinge. Job 28:14 The depe sayeth: she is not in me. The sea sayeth: she is not with me. Job 28:15 She can not be gotten for the most fine gould, neither may the pryce of her be bought with any money. Job 28:16 No wedges of goulde of Ophir, no precious Onix stones, no Saphirs maye be compared vnto her. Job 28:17 No, neyther goulde, nor Christal, neyther swete odoures, nor golden plate. Job 28:18 There is nothinge so worthy, or so excellent, as ones to be named vnto her: for perfecte wisedome goeth farre beyonde them al. Job 28:19 The Topas that commeth out of Iude, may in no wise be lykened vnto her: yea no maner of apparel howe pleasaunt and fayre soeuer it be. Job 28:20 From whence then commeth wysedome? & where is the place of vnderstandinge? Job 28:21 She is hyd from the eyes of all men, yea & from the foules of the ayre. Job 28:22 Destruccyon and death say: we haue hearde tell of her with oure eares. Job 28:23 But God seyth her waie, and knoweth her place. Job 28:24 For he beholdeth the endes of the world & loketh vpon al that is vnder heauen. Job 28:25 When he weyed the windes, & measured the waters Job 28:26 when he set the rayne in ordre, and gaue the mighty floudes a lawe? Job 28:27 Then dyd he se her, then declared he her, prepared her, and knew her. Job 28:28 And vnto man he sayde: Beholde, to feare the Lorde, is wisedom, and to forsake euil, is vnderstandinge.

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