Matthew Bible

Job 31

Job maketh a solemn protestation of his integrity in several duties.

Job 31:1 I made a couenaunt with mine eyes, that I woulde not loke vpon a damosell. Job 31:2 For how great a porcion shal I haue of God from aboue? & what enheritaunce from the almyghty on hye? Job 31:3 As for the vngodly & he that ioyneth hym selfe to the company of wycked doers shall not destruccion & misery come vpon him? Job 31:4 Doeth not he se my wayes, and tell all my goynges. Job 31:5 Yf I haue cleaued vnto vanitie or yf my fete haue runne to disceyue: Job 31:6 let me be weyed in an euen balaunce that God may se my innocency. Job 31:7 Yf so be that I haue with drawne my fote out of the right waye, yf my herte hath folowed myne eye syght, yf I haue stayned or defyled my handes. Job 31:8 O then it is reason that I sowe, and another eate, yea þt my generacion & posterite be cleane roted oute. Job 31:9 Yf my hert hath lusted after my neyghboures wyfe, or yf I haue layd wayte at his dore. Job 31:10 O then let my wyfe be another mans harlot, and let other lye wt her. Job 31:11 For this is a wickeduesse and synne, that is worthy to be punished, Job 31:12 yea a fyre that vtterly shoulde consume, and rote oute all my substaunce. Job 31:13 Dyd I euer thinke scorne to do right vnto my seruauntes and maydens, when they had any matter against me. Job 31:14 But seynge that God will syt in iudgement what shall I do? And for so muche as he will nedes vpset me, what answere shall I geue hym? Job 31:15 He that fashioned me in my mothers womb, made he not him also? were we not bothe shapen alyke in oure mothers bodyes? Job 31:16 When the poore desyreth any thinge at me, haue I denyed it them? Haue I caused the wyddowe stande wayting for me in vayne? Job 31:17 Haue I eaten my porcyon alone, that the fatherlesse hath had no parte wyth me? Job 31:18 for mercy grewe vp with me from my youth, and compassion from my mothers wombe. Job 31:19 Haue I sene any man perysh thorow nakednesse and want of clothinge? Or any poore man for lack of rayment, Job 31:20 whose sydes thancked me not, because he was warmed wt the wolle of my shepe? Job 31:21 Dyd I euer lyfce vp my hande to hurte the fatherlesse? yea in the gate where I sawe my selfe to be in auctoryte: Job 31:22 then let myne arme fall from my shoulder, and myne arme holes be broken from the yoyutes. Job 31:23 For I haue euer feared the vengeaunce & punishement of God, & knew very wel, that I was no able to beare his burthen. Job 31:24 Haue I put my truste in goulde? Or haue I sayde to the fynest gould of all: thou art my confidence? Job 31:25 Haue I reioysed because my substaunce was great, and because my hande gat so muche? Job 31:26 Dyd I euer greatly regard the rysynge of the sunne? or had I the goyng doune of the mone in greate reputacyon? Job 31:27 Hath my hert medled priuely wt any disceyte? Or dyd I euer kisse mine owne hande? Job 31:28 that were a wyckednesse worthy to be punished, for then I shoulde haue denyed the God that is aboue. Job 31:29 Haue I euer reioysed at the hurte of myne enemy? Or whas I euer glad, that any harme happened vnto hym? Oh no. Job 31:30 I neuer suffred my mouth to do such a synne, as to wyshe hym euyll. Job 31:31 Yet they of mine owne housholde saye: who shall let vs to haue oure belly full of hys fleshe? Job 31:32 I haue not suffred a straunger to lye withoute, but opened my dores vnto him. Job 31:33 Haue I euer done any wicked dede where thorow I shamed my selfe before men: or any abhominacion, that I was fayne to hyde it? Job 31:34 For yf I had feared any greate multitude of people, or yf I had bene dispysed of the symple, O then shoulde I haue bene afrayed. Thus haue I quyetly spent my life, and not gone oute at the dore. Job 31:35 O that I had one whiche woulde heare me. Lo, this is my cause. Let þe almighty geue me answere: and let hym that is my contrary party, sue me with a lybell. Job 31:36 Then shal I take it vpon my shoulder, & as a garlande about my heade. Job 31:37 I haue tolde the nombre of my goynges & delyuered them vnto hym as to a Prynce. Job 31:38 But yf case be that my lande crye againste me, or that the forowes therof make any complainte: Job 31:39 yf I haue eaten the frutes therof vnpaied for, yea yf I haue greued any of þe plow men: Job 31:40 then let thystles growe in steade of my wheate, and thornes for my barleye. Here ende the wordes of Iob.

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