Matthew Bible

Job 32

Elihu is angry with Job and his three friends.

Job 32:1 So these thre men would stryue no more wyth Iob, because he helde him selfe a ryghteous man. Job 32:2 But Eliu the sonne of Barachell the Bussite of the kinred of Ram, was very sore displeased at Iob, that he called him felfe iust before God. Job 32:3 And wyth Iobs thre frindes he was angry also, because they had founde no reasonnable answere to ouercome him. Job 32:4 Now taryed Eliu till they had ended their communycacion with Iob, for why they were elder then he. Job 32:5 So when Eliu the sonne of Barachel the Bussite sawe, that these thre men were not able to make Iob answere, he was myscontent:

Because wisdom cometh not from age, he excuseth the boldness of his youth.

Job 32:6 so that he gaue answere hym selfe, and sayde: Considringe, that I am younge, & ye be men of age, I was afraid, & durst not shew forth my minde, Job 32:7 for I thought thus within my selfe. It becommeth olde men to speake, and the aged to teache wisedom. Job 32:8 Euery man (no doute) hath a mind but it is the inspiracion of the Almyghty that geueth vnderstandynge. Job 32:9 All men are not wise neyther dothe euery aged man vnderstande the thinge that is lawfull. Job 32:10 Therfore wyll I speake also (in so farre as I may be hearde) & wyl shew you myne opynion.

He reproveth them for not satisfying Job.

Job 32:11 For when I had wayted till ye made an ende of your talking & hearde youre wysedome: what argumentes ye made in youre communycacyon: Job 32:12 yea when I had dylygentlye pondred what, ye sayde, I I founde not one of you that made any good argumente agaynst Iob, or that directly coud make answere vnto hys wordes: Job 32:13 lest ye shuld prayse youre selues, to haue founde oute wysdome: because it is God that hath caste hym oute, and no man. Job 32:14 Neuerthelesse, seyng he hath not spoken vnto me, therfore wyll not I aunswere hym as ye haue done Job 32:15 (for they were so abashed, that they coude not make aunswere, nor speake one worde)

His zeal to speak.

Job 32:16 but in so muche as ye wyll not speake, standynge styll lyke domme men, and makynge no aunswere: Job 32:17 I haue a good hope for my parte to shappe hym an answere, and to shewe hym my meanyng. Job 32:18 For I am full of wordes, and the spryte that is wtin me, compelleth me. Job 32:19 Beholde, I am as the newe wyne, whiche hath no vente, and bursteth the newe vessels in sunder. Job 32:20 Therfore wyl I speake, that I may haue a vente: I wyl open my lyppes, & make aunswere. Job 32:21 I wyll regarde no maner of person, no man wyll I spare. Job 32:22 For yf I wolde go aboute to please men, I knowe not, how sone my maker wolde take me awaye.

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