Matthew Bible

Job 34

Elihu accuseth Job for charging God with injustice.

Job 34:1 Eliu proceadynge forth in his communicacyon, sayde: Job 34:2 Heare my wordes (O ye wyse men) herken vnto me, ye that haue vnderstandynge. Job 34:3 For lyke as the mouthe tasteth the meates, so the eare proueth and discerneth the wordes. Job 34:4 As for the iudgement, let vs seke it oute among our selues, that we may knowe what is ryghte. Job 34:5 And why? Iob hath sayde: I am ryghtuous, but GOD doth me wronge. Job 34:6 I muste nedes be a lyar, thoughe my cause be ryghte, and vyolently I am plaged where as I made no faut: Job 34:7 where is there such one as Iob, that drincketh vp scornefulnes lyke water? Job 34:8 which goeth in the company of wicked doars, & walketh with vngodly men? Job 34:9 For he sayeth: Thoughe a man be good, yet is he naughte before God.

God omnipotent cannot be unjust.

Job 34:10 Therfore herken vnto me, ye that haue vnderstandynge. Farre be it from God, that he shulde medle with wyckednesse: and farre be it from the almyghtye, that he shuld medle wyth vnryghtuous dealynge: Job 34:11 but he rewardeth the worckes of man, and causeth euerye man to fynde accordynge to hys wayes. Job 34:12 For sure it is, that God condemneth no man wrongouslye, and the iudgemente of the Almyghtye is not vnrightuous. Job 34:13 Who ruleth the earth in his stead? Or, whome hath he set to gouerne the whole worlde? Job 34:14 To whome hath he geuen hys herte, for to drawe hys spryte and breth vnto hym? Job 34:15 All flesh shall come together vnto naught, & all men shall turne agayne vnto earthe. Job 34:16 If thou nowe haue vnderstandynge, heare what I say, and herken to the voyce of my wordes. Job 34:17 Maye he be made whole, that loueth no ryghte? If thou were a verye innocente man, shuldest thou then be punysheth: Job 34:18 For he is euen the same, that knoweth the rebellyous kynges, and sayth to Princes: Job 34:19 Vngodly men are ye. He hath none respecte vnto the personnes of the lordlye, and regardeth not the ryche more then pore. For they be al þe worcke of hys handes. Job 34:20 In the twynckelynge of an eye shal they be slayne: and at midnight, when the people and the tyrauntes rage, then shall they peryshe, and be taken awaye withoute handes. Job 34:21 And why? hys eyes loke vpon the wayes of man, and he seith all hys goynges. Job 34:22 There is no darcknes nor thicke shadow, that can hyde the wycked doers from hym. Job 34:23 For no man shalbe suffered to go into iudgemente wyth God. Job 34:24 Manye one, yea innumerable doth he punyshe, and setteth other in theyr steades. Job 34:25 For he knoweth theyr euyll and darcke worckes, therfore shall they be destroyed. Job 34:26 They that were in the steade of Sears, dealte lyke vngodly men. Job 34:27 Therfore turned they backe trayterously and vnfaythfully from hym, & wolde not receyue hys wayes. Job 34:28 In so muche that they haue caused the voyce of the poore to come vnto hym, and nowe he heareth the complaynte of suche as are in necessite. Job 34:29 If he delyuer and graunte pardon, who wil iudge or condemne? But yf he hyde away hys countenaunce, who wyll turne it aboute agayne, whether it be to the people or to anye man? Job 34:30 For the wyckednesse and synne of the people, he maketh an ypocryte to raygne ouer them.

Man must humble himself unto God.

Job 34:31 For so muche then as I haue begonne to talke of GOD, I wyll not hyndre the. Job 34:32 If I haue gone a mysse, enfourme me: yf I haue done wronge, I wyl leaue of. Job 34:33 Wylte thou not geue a reasonable aunswere? Art thou afrayed of anye thynge, seynge thou begannest fyrste to speake, & not I?

Elihu reproveth Job.

Job 34:34 For els the men of vnderstandyng & wysdome, that haue heard me, myght say: What canste thou speake? Job 34:35 As for Iob he hath nether spoken to the purpose nor wyselye. Job 34:36 O father, let Iob be well tryed, because he hath turned hym self to the wycked: Job 34:37 yea aboue hys synnes he hath blasphemed, whiche offence he hath done euen before vs, in that he stryueth against God with his wordes.

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