Matthew Bible

Job 35

Comparison is not to be made with God, because our good or evil cannot extend unto him.

Job 35:1 Eliu spake moreouer, and sayde: Job 35:2 Thinkest thou it right that thou saiest: I am ryghteous before GOD? Job 35:3 Seynge, thou sayest so, howe doest thou knowe it? What thynge haste thou more excellente then I, that I am a synner? Job 35:4 Therfore wyll I geue answere vnto the and thy frendes: Job 35:5 loke vnto þe heauen, and beholde it: consydre the cloudes, how they are hyer then thou. Job 35:6 If thou sinnest, what doest thou vnto hym? If thyne offences be manye, howe gettest thou his fauoure? Job 35:7 Yf thou be ryghteous what geuest thou hym? Or what receyueth he of thy handes? Job 35:8 Of such an vngodly personne as thou, and of the sonne of man that is ryghtuous as thou pretendeste to be:

Many cry in their afflictions, but are not heard for want of faith.

Job 35:9 there is a great crye & complaynt made by them that are oppressed with violence, yea euerye man complayneth vpon the cruell arme of tyrauntes. Job 35:10 For suche one neuer sayeth: Where is God that made me? & that shyneth vpon vs, þt we myght prayse him in þe nighte? Job 35:11 Whiche geueth vs more vnderstandyng then he doth the beastes of the earthe, and teacheth vs more then the foules of heauen. Job 35:12 If anye suche complayne, no man geueth answere, and that because of the wyckednesse of proude tyrauntes. Job 35:13 But yf a man call vpon God, doth not he heare him? Doth not the almyghtye accepte hys crye? Job 35:14 Whan thou speakest then, shulde not he pardon the, yf thou open thy selfe before hym, and put thy trust in hym? Job 35:15 Then vseth he no vyolence in his wrath nether hath the pleasure in curyous & depe inquisicions. Job 35:16 Therfore hath Iob opened hys mouthe but in vayne, and folyshlye hathe he made so many wordes.

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