Matthew Bible

Job 36

Elihu sheweth how God is just in his ways.

Job 36:1 Eliu proceaded forth in his talking & sayde: Job 36:2 Hold the styl a lytle, & I shal shew the, what I haue yet to speake on Godes behalfe. Job 36:3 I wil open vnto the yet more of myne vnderstandynge, and proue my maker righteous. Job 36:4 True are my wordes, & no lye: & þe knowledge where with al I argue against the, is perfect. Job 36:5 Behold, God casteth not away the myghtye, for he hym selfe is myghtye in power and wysdome. Job 36:6 As for the vngodly, he preserueth them not, but helpeth the poore to their ryght. Job 36:7 He turneth not his eyes awaye from the ryghteous, he setteth vp kynges in theyr trone, and confyrmeth them, so that they alway sit there in. Job 36:8 But yf they be layed in preson & cheynes, or bounde with the bondes of pouertye: Job 36:9 then sheweth he them theyr worckes & dedes & the synnes where with they haue vsed cruell vyolence. Job 36:10 He wyth punyshynge and outtryng of them, roundeth them in the eares, warneth them to leaue of from theyr wyckednesse, and to amende. Job 36:11 If tney nowe wyll take hede, and be obedyente, they shall were oute theyr dayes in prosperyte, and theyr yeares in pleasure & ioye. Job 36:12 But yf they wyl not obeye, they shal go thorowe the swearde, and perysh or euer they be a warre. Job 36:13 As for suche as be fayned, dissemblers and ypocrytes, they heape vp wrath for them selues: for they call not vpon him, though they be hys presoners. Job 36:14 Thus theyr soule perysheth in folishnesse, and theyr lyfe wyth the condemned. Job 36:15 The poore delyuereth he oute of hys straytnesse, and comforteth suche as be in necessyte and trouble.

How Job's sins hinder God's blessings.

Job 36:16 Euen so shall he kepe the (yf thou wylte be contente) from the bottomlesse pytte that is beneth: and yf thou wilt holde the quyete, he shall fyll thy table with plenteousnesse. Job 36:17 Neuerthelesse thou haste condemned the iudgemente of the vngodly, yea euen suche a iudgement and sentence shalt thou suffre. Job 36:18 For then shall not thy cause be stylled wyth crueltie, nor pacyfyed wyth manye gyftes. Job 36:19 Hath God ordeyned then, that the gloryous lyfe of the, & all suche myghtye men shuld not be put doune? Job 36:20 Prolonge not thou the tyme, tyl there come a nyght for the, to se other people in thy stead. Job 36:21 But bewarre that thou turne not a syde to wyckednesse and synne, whiche hyther to thou hast chosen more then mekenesse. Job 36:22 Behold God is of a myghtye hye power: Where is there soche a gyde and lawe geuer as he? Job 36:23 Who wyll reproue hym of his waye? who will saye vnto him: thou hast done wronge?

God's works are to be magnified.

Job 36:24 O consydre how greate and excellent his worckes be, whom all men loue and prayse: Job 36:25 yee wondre at hym, and yet they se hym but a farre of. Job 36:26 Beholde, so great is God, that he passeth oure knowledge, nether are we able to come to the experience of hys yeares. Job 36:27 He turneth the water to small droppes, he dryueth hys cloudes Job 36:28 to gether for to raygne, so þt they poure downe and droppe vpon men. Job 36:29 He can sprede out the cloudes (a couerynge of hys tabernacle) Job 36:30 and cause hys lyght to shyne vpon them: and to couer the botome of the sea. Job 36:31 By these thinges gouerneth he hys people, and geueth them aboundaunce of meate. Job 36:32 In the turnynge of a hande he hydeth the lyght, & at hys commaundement it commeth agayne. Job 36:33 The rysinge vp therof sheweth he to his frendes and to the cattell.

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