Matthew Bible

Lamentations 4

Zion bewaileth her pitiful estate.

Lamentations 4:1 Aleph. O how is the golde become so dymme? How is the goodly coloure of it so sore chaunged? and the stones of the Sanctuarye thus scatred in the corner of euery strete? Lamentations 4:2 Beth. The chyldren of Syon that were alwaye in honoure, & clothed with the most precious golde: how are they now becomme lyke the erthen vessels whych be made wyth the potters hande, Lamentations 4:3 Gymel. The Lamyes geue their yonge ones suck with bare brestes: but the daughter of my people is cruell, and dwelleth in the wyldernesse: lyke the Eltriches. Lamentations 4:4 Daleth. The tonges of the suckyng chyldren, cleue to the rofe of their mouthes for very thyrste. The yonge chyldren aske bred, but there is noman, that geueth it them. Lamentations 4:5 He. They that were wonte to fayre delicatly, peryshe in the streates: they that a fore were brought vp in purple, make now moche of donge. Lamentations 4:6 Dau. The synne of the daughter of my people is be come greater then the wyckednesse of Sodome, that sodenly was destroyed, & not taken with handes. Lamentations 4:7 Zain. Herabsteyners (or Nazarees) were whyter then the snowe or mylke: their coloure was fresh read as the Corall, their beutie lyke the Saphyre. Lamentations 4:8 Heth. But now their faces are very black: In so moche, that thou shuldest not knowe them in the streates. Their skynne cleueth to their bones, It is wythered, & become lyke a drye stock. Lamentations 4:9 Teth. They that be slayne with the swearde, are happier then soch as dye of honger, and perishe awaye famyshyng for the fruites of the felde. Lamentations 4:10 Iod. The wemen (which of nature are pitieful) haue sodden their owne children with their handes that they might be their meate, in the miserable destruccion of the daughter of my people. Lamentations 4:11 Caph. The Lorde hath perfourmed hys heuy wrath: he hath poured out the furiousnes of hys dyspleasure. He hath kyndled a fyre in Sion, which hath consumed the foundacions therof. Lamentations 4:12 Lamed. Nether the kinges of the earth, ner all the inhabitours of þe worlde, wolde haue beleued that þe enemie & aduersarye shulde haue come in at the gates of the cytie of Hierusalem.

She confesseth her sins.

Lamentations 4:13 Mem. Whiche neuertheles is come to passe for the synnes of her prophetes, and for the wyckednes of her Prestes that haue shed innocentes bloude with in her. Lamentations 4:14 Nun. So that these blynde men wente stomblynge in the streates, & stayned them selues with bloude, whiche els wolde touche no bloudy cloth. Lamentations 4:15 Samech. But they cryed vnto euerye man: flee the staynyng, awaye, get you hence touch it not. Yee (sayde they) ye muste be brent, ye muste dwell amonge the Gentiles, and byde no longer here. Lamentations 4:16 Ain. The countenaunce of the Lorde hath banished them, and shall neuer loke more vpon them: For they them selues nether regarded the prestes, not pytied their elders. Lamentations 4:17 Phe. Wherfore yet oure eyes fayle vs, whyle we loke for vayne helpe: seynge we be euer wayting vpon a people, þt can do vs no good. Lamentations 4:18 Zade. They laye so sharpe waite for vs, that we can not go safe vpon þe streates: for our ende is come, oure dayes are fulfylled, oure ende is here. Lamentations 4:19 Koph. Oure persecuters are swyfter then the Aegles of þe ayre, they folowed vpon vs ouer the mountaynes, and layed wayte for vs in the wildernesse. Lamentations 4:20 Res. The verye breth of oure mouth: euen the anoynted Lorde him self shalbe taken in oure synnes, of whom we saye: Vnder his shadowe we shalbe preserued amonge the Heythen.

Edom is threatened.

Lamentations 4:21 Sin. And thou (O daughter Edom) that dwellest in the lande of Huz, be glad and reioyce: for the cuppe shall come vnto the also, which whan thou soppest of thou shalt be droncken.

Zion is comforted.

Lamentations 4:22 Thau. Thy sinne is well punished (O thou daughter Sion) he shall not suffre the to be caryed awaye eny more. But thy wyckednesse (O daughter Edom) shall he vyset, and for thy synnes sake, he shall lede the in to captiuite.

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