Matthew Bible

Leviticus 2

The meat offering of flour with oil and incense,

Leviticus 2:1 If any soule wyl offer a meate offrynge vnto the Lorde, hys offrynge shalbe fyne floure, & he shal poure therto oyle, and put frankencens theron, Leviticus 2:2 and shall brynge it vnto Aarons sonnes the preastes. And one of them shall take therout hys handfull of the floure, and of the oyle wyth all the franckencens, & burne it for a memoriall vpon the alter: an offryng of a swete sauoure vnto the Lord. Leviticus 2:3 And the remnaunt of the meatoffring shalbe Aarons & his sonnes as a thynge most holy of the sacryfyces of þe Lorde.

either baken in the oven,

Leviticus 2:4 If anye man brynge a meatoffrynge that is baken in the ouen, let hym brynge swete cakes of fyue floure myngled wyth oyle, and vnleuended wafers anoynted wyth oyle.

or on a plate,

Leviticus 2:5 If thy meatoffrynge be baken in the fryeng pan, then it shalbe of swete floure myngled wyth oyle. Leviticus 2:6 And thou shalt mynce it smal, and poure oyle theron: and so it is a meatoffrynge.

or in a fryingpan,

Leviticus 2:7 If thy meatofferynge be a thyng broyled vpon the gredyren, of floure myngled wyth oyle it shalbe. Leviticus 2:8 And thou shalt brynge þe meatoffrynge that is made of these thynges vnto the Lorde, & shalt delyuer it vnto the preast, and he shal bryng it vnto the alter, Leviticus 2:9 and shall heue vp parte of the meatoffrynge for a memoryal, & shal burne it vpon the alter: an offerynge of a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde. Leviticus 2:10 And that whyche is left of the meatoffrynge shall be Aarons and hys sonnes, as a thyng that is moost holy of the offrynges of the Lorde. Leviticus 2:11 Al the meatoffringes which ye shal bringe vnto the Lorde, shalbe made without leuen. For ye shall nether burne leuen nor honye in any offeryng of the Lorde:

or of the firstfruits in the ear.

Leviticus 2:12 Notwithstandyng ye shal brynge the fyrstlynges of them vnto the Lorde: but they shall not come vpon the alter to make a swete sauoure.

The salt of the meat offering.

Leviticus 2:13 All thy meat offeringes thou shalt salt wt salt: neither shalt thou suffer the of the couenaunt of thy God to be sackyng from thy meat offeryng: but vpon al thyne offerynges thou shal bryng salt. Leviticus 2:14 If thou offer a meatofferynge of the fyrste ripe frutes to the Lord, then take that whych is yet grene, & drye it by the fyre and beat it smal & so offer the mete offeryng of thy first rype frutes. Leviticus 2:15 And then poure oyle therto, and put frankensence theron: & so it is a meatofferynge. Leviticus 2:16 And the prieste shal burne parte of the beaten corne & parte of the oyle wythall the frankencense, for a remembraunce. That is an offeryng vnto the Lorde.

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