Matthew Bible

Matthew 8

Matthew 8:1 When he was come downe from þe mountayne, much people folowed him.

Christ cleanseth the leper,

Matthew 8:2 And lo, there came a lepre & worshipped him saying Master, if þu wylt, þu canst make me cleane. Matthew 8:3 And Iesus put forthe his hand & touched him, saiyng: I will, be thou cleane, & immediatly his leprosye was clensed. Matthew 8:4 And Iesus sayde vnto hym. Se thou tell no man, but go and shewe thy selfe to the pryeste, and offer the gyft that Moyses commaunded in witnes to them.

healeth the centurion's servant,

Matthew 8:5 When Iesus was entred into Capernaum there came vnto him a certayne Centurion, & besought him Matthew 8:6 sayinge: Master my seruaunte lyeth sycke at home of the palsy, & is greuouslye pained. Matthew 8:7 And Iesus saide vnto him: I wyll come and heale him. Matthew 8:8 The Centurion aunswered and sayd: Sir I am not worthy that thou shouldest come vnder my rofe, but speake the worde only and my saruaunt shalbe healed. Matthew 8:9 For I also my selfe am a man vndre power, & haue soudiers vnder me, & I say to one, go, & he goeth, and to an other come, & he cometh: and to my seruante, do this, he doeth it: Matthew 8:10 When Iesus hearde that, he maruailed & sayed to them that folowed him. Verely I say vnto you, I haue not founde so great faith: no, not in Israel. Matthew 8:11 I say therfore vnto you that many shall come from the east and west, and shal rest with Abraham, Isaac and Iacob in the kingdome of heauen: Matthew 8:12 and the children of the kingdome shall be cast out in the vtter darkenes: there shalbe wepinge and gnashynge of teth. Matthew 8:13 Iesus sayd vnto the Centurion, go thy way, and as thou hast beleued so be it vnto the. And his seruaunt was healed the selfe houre.

Peter's mother in law,

Matthew 8:14 And then Iesus went to Peters house, and sawe his wyues mother lyinge sycke of a feuer, Matthew 8:15 and touched her hand, & the feuer left her: and she arose, and ministred vnto them.

and many other diseased:

Matthew 8:16 When the euen was come, they brought vnto him many that were possessed with deuyls. And he cast out the spretes with a word, and healed all that were sycke, Matthew 8:17 to fulfyll that which was spoken by Esaias the prophete sayinge. He toke on him oure infyrmyteis, & beare oure sycknesses.

sheweth how he is to be followed:

Matthew 8:18 When Iesus sawe muche people aboute him, he commaunded to go ouer the water. Matthew 8:19 And there came a scribe and sayde vnto hym: master, I wil folowe the whither soeuer thou goest. Matthew 8:20 And Iesus sayd vnto him: the foxes haue holes, and the birddes of the ayer haue nestes, but the sonne of man hath not wheron to rest his heade. Matthew 8:21 Another that was one of his disciples said vnto him: master, suffer me fyrst to go and burye my father. Matthew 8:22 But Iesus sayd vnto hym folowe me, and let the dead burye their deade.

stilleth the tempest on the sea,

Matthew 8:23 And he entred into a shyppe, and his disciples folowed him. Matthew 8:24 And beholde there arose a great tempest in the sea, in so much that the shippe was couered with waues, and he was a slepe. Matthew 8:25 And his discyples came vnto him, and awoke him sayinge: master saue vs, we peryshe. Matthew 8:26 And he sayed vnto them: why are ye fearfull, O ye of lytle fayth? Then he arose, and rebuked the wyndes and the sea, and there folowed a great calme. Matthew 8:27 And the men maruayled and sayed: what man is this, that both wyndes and sea obey hym?

driveth the devils out of two men possessed,

Matthew 8:28 And when he was come to the other syde, into the countre of the Gergesytes, there mete him two possessed of deuils, which came out of the graues, & were out of measure fearce, so that no man myght go by that way. Matthew 8:29 And behold they cried out saying: O Iesu þe sonne of God, what haue we to do with þe? Art thou come hither to torment vs before the tyme be come? Matthew 8:30 And ther was a good waye of from them a great hearde of swyne fedinge.

and suffereth them to go into the swine.

Matthew 8:31 Then the deuyls besoughte him sayinge: if thou cast vs out, suffer vs to go our way into the heard of swyne. Matthew 8:32 And he said vnto theim, go your waies. Then went they out of & departed into þe hearde of swine. And behold þe whole heard of swyne was caryed with violence headling into the sea, and peryshed in the water. Matthew 8:33 Then the hearde men fled & went their wayes into the citye, and tolde euerye thynge, and what had fortuned vnto the possessed of the deuyls. Matthew 8:34 And beholde all the cytye came out and met Iesus, and when they sawe him they besought hym for to departe out of their coastes.

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