Matthew Bible

Micah 3

The cruelty of the princes.

Micah 3:1 Heare, O ye heades of the house of Iacob, & peleders of þe house of Israel: Shulde not ye know what were lawfull and ryght? Micah 3:2 But ye hate the good, and loue the euell: ye plucke of mennes skynnes, and the flesh from their bones: Micah 3:3 ye eate the flesh of my people, and slay of their skynne: ye breake their bones, ye choppe them in peces as it were in to a cauldron, and as flesh into a pot. Micah 3:4 Now the tyme shall come, that when they call vnto the Lorde, he shall not heare them, but hyde hys face from them, because that thorowe their owne Imaginacyons they haue dealte so wyckedly.

The falsehood of the prophets.

Micah 3:5 And as concernynge the prophetes that disceyue my people, thus the Lorde sayeth agaynst them: When they haue enye thynge to byte vpon, then they preach that all shalbe well: but yf a man put not some thynge is to their mouthes, they preach of warre agaynst hym. Micah 3:6 Therfore youre vysyon shallbe turned to night, & youre prophecyenge to darckness. The Sunne shall go downe ouer those prophetes, and the daye shalbe darcke vnto them. Micah 3:7 Then shall the vysyon seers be ashamed, and the suthsayers confounded: yee they shallbe fayne, all the packe of them, to stoppe their mouthes, for they haue not Gods worde.

The security of them both.

Micah 3:8 As for me, I am full of strength, and of the sprete of the Lorde, full of iudment and boldnesse: to shewe the house of Iacob their wyckednesse, and the house of Israell their synne. Micah 3:9 O heare this ye rulers of the house of Iacob, and ye iudges of the house of Israell: ye that abhorre the thynge that is laufull, and wrayst asyde the thynge that is streyght. Micah 3:10 Ye that buylde vp Syon wyth bloude, and Ierusalem wyth doynge wronge. Micah 3:11 O ye iudges, ye geue sentence for gyftes: O ye preastes, ye teach for lucre: O ye Prophetes, ye prophecy for monye. Yet wyll they be taken as those that holde vpon God, and saye: Is not the Lorde amonge vs? Tushe, there can no mysfortune happen vs. Micah 3:12 Therfore shall Syon (for youre sakes) be plowed lyke a felde: Ierusalem shalbe come an heape of stones, and the hyll of the temple shalbe turned to an hye wodde.

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