Matthew Bible

Micah 4

The glory,

Micah 4:1 Bvt in the latter dayes it wyll come to passe, that the hyll of þe Lordes house shallbe sett vp hyer then enye mountaynes or hylles: Yee the people shall prease vnto it, Micah 4:2 and the multitude of the Gentyles shall haste them thyther, sayeng: Come lett vs go vp to the hyll of the Lorde, and to the house of the God of Iacob: that he maye teach vs hys wayes, & that we maye walke in hys parthes. For the lawe shall come out of Sion, and the worde of God from Ierusalem,


Micah 4:3 and shall geue sentence amonge the multytude of the Heathen and refourme the people of farre countrees: so that of their sweardes they shall make plowshares, and sythes of their speares. One people shall not lyft vp a swearde agaynst another, yee they shal nomore learne to fyght: Micah 4:4 but euerye man shall syt vnder hys vineyarde and vnder his fygetre, & no man to fraye hym awaye: for the mouth of þe Lord of hostes hath spoken it. Micah 4:5 Therfore, where as all the people haue walcked euery man in the name of hys owne God, we wyll walcke in the name of oure God for euer and euer. Micah 4:6 At the same tyme, sayeth the Lorde, wyll I gather vp the lame and the outcastes, and soche as I haue chastened: Micah 4:7 & wyll geue yssue vnto the lame, and make of the out castes a greate people: and the Lorde hym selfe shalbe their kynge vpon the mount Sion, from this tyme forth for euermore.


Micah 4:8 And vnto the (O thou tower of Eder, thou strong holde of the doughther Sion) vnto the shall it come: euen the lordshype and kyngdome of the daughter Ierusalem. Micah 4:9 Why then art thou now so heuy? is there no Kynge in the? are they councelers awaye that thou art so payned, as a woman in her trauayle? Micah 4:10 And now (O thou daughter Sion) be sory, let it greue the as a wyfe laborynge wyth chyld: for now must thou gett the out of the cytie, & dwell vpon the playne felde: Yee vnto Babylon shalt thou go, there shalt thou be delyuered, and there the Lorde shall lowse the from the hande of thyne enemyes.

and victory of the Church.

Micah 4:11 Now also are there manye people gathered together agaynst the, sayinge: what, Sion is cursed, we shal se oure lust vpon her. Micah 4:12 But they knowe not the thoughtes of the Lorde, they vnderstande not hys councell, that shal gather them together as the sheeues in the barne. Micah 4:13 Therfore get the vp, O thou doughter Sion, & throsshe out the corne: For I wyll make thy horne yron, and thy clawes brasse, that thou mayest grynde many people their goodes shalt thou appropriate vnto the Lorde, and their substaunce vnto the ruler of the whole worlde.

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