Matthew Bible

Micah 5

The birth of Christ.

Micah 5:1 After that shalt thou be robbed thy selfe, O thou robbers daughter: they shall laye sege agaynst vs, & smyte the iudge of Israell wyth a rodde vpon the cheke. Micah 5:2 And thou Bethleem Ephrata, art lytle among the thousandes of Iuda, Out of þe shall come vnto me, whyche shall be the gouernoure in Israell: whose out goinge hath bene from the begynnyge, and from euerlastynge. Micah 5:3 In the meane whyle he plageth them for a season, vntyll the tyme that she (whyche shall beare) haue borne: then shall the remnaunt of hys brethren be conuerted vnto the chyldren of Israell.

His Kingdom.

Micah 5:4 He shall stande fast, and geue fode in the strength of the Lorde, and in the vyctorye of the name of the Lorde hys God: and when they be conuerted, he shal be magnifyed vnto the farthest partes of the worlde. Micah 5:5 Then shall there be peace, so that the Assirian maye come in to oure lande, and treade in oure houses. We shall brynge vp seuen shepherdes and .viij. prynces vpon them: Micah 5:6 these shall subdue the lande of Assur wyth the swerde, and the lande of Nymrod wyth their naked weapens. Thus shall he delyuer vs from the Assirian, when he commeth within oure lande, & setteth hys fote wythin oure borders. Micah 5:7 And the remnaunt of Iacob shalbe amonge the multytude of people, as the dewe of the Lorde, and as the droppes vpon the grasse, that tarieth for no man, & wayteth of no body.

His conquest.

Micah 5:8 Yee the resydue of Iacob shalbe amonge the Gentyles and the multitude of people, as the lyon amonge the beastes of the wod, and as the Lyons whelpe amonge a flocke of shepe: whyche (when he goeth thorowe) treadeth downe, teareth in peces, and there is no man that can helpe. Micah 5:9 Thyne hande shalbe lyft vp vpon thyne enemyes, and all thyne aduersaries shall perish. Micah 5:10 The tyme shall come also, sayeth the Lord, that I wyll take thyne horses from the, and destroye thy charettes. Micah 5:11 I wyll breake downe the cytyes of thy lande, and ouerthrowe all thy stronge holdes. Micah 5:12 All witchcraftes wyll I rote oute of thyne hande, there shall no mo soyth sayinges be within the. Micah 5:13 Thyne Idols and thyne Images will I destroye out of the so that thou shalt nomore bowe thy selfe vnto the worckes of thyne owne handes. Micah 5:14 Thy groues wyll I plucke vp by the rotes, and breake downe the cyties. Micah 5:15 Thus wyll I be auenged also, vpon all the Heathen that wyll not heare.

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