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Nehemiah 7

Nehemiah committeth the charge of Jerusalem to Hanani and Hananiah.

Nehemiah 7:1 Now when we had buylded the wal I hanged on the dores, and the porters syngers and Leuites were appoynted. Nehemiah 7:2 And I commaunded my brother Hanani, & Hananiah the ruler of the palace at Ierusalem: for he was a faithfull man, and feared God more then dyd many other) Nehemiah 7:3 and I sayde vnto them: let not the gates of Ierusalem be opened vntil the sonne be whole. And whyle they are yet standyng in the watche, the dores shal be shut and barred. And there were certayne citesins of Ierusalem appoynted to be watchmen euerye one in hys watche, and aboute his house. Nehemiah 7:4 As for the citie, it was large of roume, & great but the people were fewe therein, and the houses were not buylded.

A register of the genealogy of them which came at the first out of Babylon,

Nehemiah 7:5 And my God gaue me in my herte, that I gathered together the princypall men & the people to nombre them, & I founde a regyster of the nombre of them, which came vp afore out of the captiuite: Nehemiah 7:6 and founde wrytten therein: these are the sonnes of the lande, that wente vp from the captyuyte of the cariynge awaye (whome Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon had broughte awaye) and came agayne to Ierusalem and Iuda, euery one vnto his citie Nehemiah 7:7 which came with Zorobabel: Iesua, Nehemiah, Asariah, Raamiah, Nahamani, mardochee Belsan, Mesparath, Beguai, Nahum & Baanah. This is the nombre of the men of the people of Israel.

of the people,

Nehemiah 7:8 The chyldren of Pharos were two thousande, an hundred & two & seuentye: Nehemiah 7:9 the chyldren of Saphatiah, thre hundred & two & seuentye: Nehemiah 7:10 the chyldren of Arah, syxe hundred & two and fyfty: Nehemiah 7:11 the children of Pahath Moab amonge the chyldren of Iesua and Ioab, two thousande, eyght hundred, & eighten: Nehemiah 7:12 the children of Elam, a thousande, two hundred & foure & fyftye: Nehemiah 7:13 the children of Zathua, eight hundred & fyue & fortye, Nehemiah 7:14 the chyldren of Zachai seuen hundred & thre skore: Nehemiah 7:15 the children of Banu sixe hundred and eyght & fortie: Nehemiah 7:16 the chyldren of Bebai, sixe hundred and eyght & twentye: Nehemiah 7:17 the chyldren of Asgad, two thousande .iij. hundred & two and twentye: Nehemiah 7:18 the children of Adonicam, sixe hundred & seuen & thre skore: Nehemiah 7:19 þe chyldren of Begoai, two thousande, & seuen & thre skore: Nehemiah 7:20 the chyldren of Adin, sixe hundred and fyue and fyftye: Nehemiah 7:21 the children of Ater of Hezekiah, eyght and nyentye. Nehemiah 7:22 The chyldren of Hasom, thre hundred and eyghte & twentye: Nehemiah 7:23 the chyldren of Bezai, thre hundred and foure & twentye: Nehemiah 7:24 the chyldren of Hariph, an hundred and twelue: Nehemiah 7:25 the chyldren of Gabaon, fyue & nyentye: Nehemiah 7:26 the men of Bethlehem & Nethophah, an hundred and eyght & foure skore: Nehemiah 7:27 the men of Anathoth, an hundred & eyght and twenty: Nehemiah 7:28 the men of Beth Asmoth two and fortye: Nehemiah 7:29 the men of Kariath Iarim, Cephirah & Beeroth, seuen hundred & thre and fortye: Nehemiah 7:30 the men of Ramah and Gaba, sixe hundred & one and twenty: Nehemiah 7:31 the men of Machmas an hundred and two and twentye: Nehemiah 7:32 the men of Bethel and Ai, an hundred and thre and twentye: Nehemiah 7:33 the men of Nebo, an hundred and two & fyftye: Nehemiah 7:34 the chyldren of the other Elam, a thousande, two hundred and foure & fyftye: Nehemiah 7:35 þe chyldren of Harim, thre hundred and twenty: Nehemiah 7:36 the chyldren of Iericho: thre hundred and fyue & forty: Nehemiah 7:37 the chyldren of Lodhadid and Ono, seuen hundred and one and twentye: Nehemiah 7:38 the chyldren of Senaah, thre thousande, nyne hundred and thyrtye.

of the priests,

Nehemiah 7:39 The priestes. The chyldren of Iadaiah of the house of Iesua, nyne hundred and thre and seuentye: Nehemiah 7:40 the chyldren of Emer, a thousande and two and fyftye: Nehemiah 7:41 the chyldren of Pashur, a thousand, two hundred and seuen and forty: Nehemiah 7:42 the chyldren of Harim, a thousande and seuentene.

of the Levites,

Nehemiah 7:43 The Leuytes. The chyldren of Iesua of Cadmiel amonge the chyldren of Hoduah, foure and seuenty.

Nehemiah 7:44 The syngers. The chyldren of Asaph, an hundred and eyghte and fortye.

Nehemiah 7:45 The porters: The chyldren of Selum, the chyldren of Ater, the chyldren of Thalmon, þe chyldren of Acub, the chyldren of Hatita, the chyldren of Sobai, all together an hundred & eyght and thyrtye.

of the Nethinims,

Nehemiah 7:46 The Nethinims. The chyldren of Ziha, þe chyldren of Hasupha, the chyldren of Tebahoth, Nehemiah 7:47 the chyldren of Ceros, the chyldren of Sia, the chyldren of Phadon, Nehemiah 7:48 the chyldren of Lebanah the chyldren of Hagaba, the chyldren of Salmai, Nehemiah 7:49 the chyldren of Hanan the children of Gidel, the children of Gaher, Nehemiah 7:50 the chyldren of Raaia, the chyldren of Razin, the chyldren of Necoda, Nehemiah 7:51 the chyldren of Gesem, the chyldren of Vsa, the chyldren of Phaseah, Nehemiah 7:52 the chyldren of Besai, the chyldren of Meunim, the chyldren of Nephusasim, Nehemiah 7:53 the chyldren of Bachuc, the chyldren of Hacupha, the chyldren of Harhur, Nehemiah 7:54 the chyldren of Bazlith, the chyldren of Mahida, the chyldren of Harsa, Nehemiah 7:55 the children of Bercos, the chyldren of Sissera, the chyldren of Thamah, Nehemiah 7:56 the chyldren of Neziah, the chyldren of Hatipha.

of Solomon's servants,

Nehemiah 7:57 The chyldren of Salomons seruauntes: The chyldren of Sotai, the chyldren of Sophereth, the chyldren of Pherida, Nehemiah 7:58 the chyldren of Iaala, the chyldren of Darcon, the children of Gydel, Nehemiah 7:59 the chyldren of Saphatiah, the children of Hatill, the chyldren of Pochereth of Zabaim, the chyldren of Amon. Nehemiah 7:60 All the Nethinims and the chyldren of Salomons seruauntes, were thre hundred and two and nynetye. Nehemiah 7:61 And these wente vp also of Thel Mela, Thel Harsa, Cherub, Adon & Emer: but they coulde not shewe theyr fathers house nor theyr sede, whether they were of Israel. Nehemiah 7:62 The chyldren of Dalaiah, the children of Tobiah, and the chyldren of Necoda, sixe hundred and two and fortye.

and of the priests which could not find their pedigree.

Nehemiah 7:63 And of the priestes the children of Habaiah: the chyldren of Hacos, the chyldren of Bersilai, which toke one of the doughters of Bersilai the Galaadite to wyfe, and was named after theyr name. Nehemiah 7:64 These soughte the regyster of theyr generacion, & when they founde it not, they were put from the priestehode. Nehemiah 7:65 And Hathirsatha sayde vnto them, that they shulde not eate of the mooste holye, tyll there came vp a Prieste with the lyghte and perfectnesse.

The whole number of them, with their substance.

Nehemiah 7:66 The whole congregacyon as one man was two and fortye thousande, thre hundred, and thre skore: Nehemiah 7:67 besyde theyr seruauntes and maydens, of whome there were seuen thousande, thre hundred and seuen and thyrtye. And they had two hundred and seuen and fortye syngynge men and wemen, Nehemiah 7:68 seuen hundred and syxe and thyrtye horses, two hundred & fyue and fortye Mules, foure hundred and fyue and thyrtye Nehemiah 7:69 Camels: syxe thousande, seuen hundred and twentye asses.

Their obligations.

Nehemiah 7:70 And certayne of the auncyent fathers gaue vnto the worcke. Hathirsatha gaue to the treasure a thousande drammes, fyfty basens, fyue hundred and thyrtye Priestes garmentes. Nehemiah 7:71 And some of the chefe fathers gaue vnto the treasure of the worcke, twentye thousande drammes, two thousande and two hundred pounde of syluer. Nehemiah 7:72 And the other people gaue twentye thousande drammes, and two thousande pounde of syluer, & seuen and thre skore prestes garmentes. Nehemiah 7:73 And the prestes and Leuites, the Porters, the syngers, and the other of the people, and the Nethinims, and all Israel dwelt in theyr cytyes. Nowe when the seuen moneth drue nye, and the chyldren of Israel were in theyr cytyes,

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