Matthew Bible

Numbers 24

Balaam, leaving divinations, prophesieth the happiness of Israel.

Numbers 24:1 When Balam sawe that it pleased the Lorde that he shoulde blesse Israell, he wente not as he dyd twise before to fet sothsayinge, but sette hys face towarde the wildernes, Numbers 24:2 and lyfte vp hys eyes and loked vpon Israel as he laye wyth hys tribes, and the spirite of God came vppon hym. Numbers 24:3 And he toke vp hys parable and saied Balam the sonne of Beor hathe sayed, Numbers 24:4 and the manne whose eye is open hath sayed: he hath sayd whych heareth the words of God & seeth the visions of the almyghty, whiche falleth downe: & hys eyes are opened. Numbers 24:5 Howe goodlye are the tentes of Iacob & thyne habitation Israel, Numbers 24:6 euen as the brod valeys, and as gardens by ryuers syde, as the tentes whyche the Lodre hath pytched & as cypres trees vpon the water. Numbers 24:7 The water shal flowe out of hys bouket & hys seed shal be many waters, and hys kyng shalbe hyer then Agag. And hys kyngdome shalbe exalted, Numbers 24:8 God that brought him out of Egipt his strength is as the strengthe of an vnicorne, & he shal eate the nations that are hys enemies & breake theyr bones, and perce them thorowe wyth hys arrowes. Numbers 24:9 He touched hym selfe & laye downe as a lyon and as a lyones, who shall sterre him vp, blessed is he that blesseth the, & cursed is he that curseth the.

Balak in anger dismisseth him.

Numbers 24:10 And Balac was wroth wyth Balam and smote hys hands togyther, & sayd vnto him: I sent for the to curse myne enemies: and behold, thou hast blessed them thys thre times Numbers 24:11 and now gette the quyckly vnto thy place. I thought that I would promote the vnto honour, but the Lorde hath kept the backe from worshyp. Numbers 24:12 And Balam sayed vnto Balac: told I not thy messengers which thou sentest vnto me saying. Numbers 24:13 If Balac would giue me his house full of syluer and gold, I can not passe the mouth of the Lorde, to do eyther good or bad of myne owne mynde. What the Lord saith, that must I speake. Numbers 24:14 And now beholde, I go vnto my people: come let me shew the what thys people shall do to thy folke in the later dayes.

He prophesieth of the Star of Jacob, and the destruction of some nations.

Numbers 24:15 And he began hys Parable and sayed: Balam the sonne of Beor hath sayed, & the man that hath his eyes open hath said, Numbers 24:16 and he hath saied that heareth the wordes of God & hath the knowledge of the most hie & beholdeth the vision of the almyghtye, and when he falleth downe hath his eyes opened Numbers 24:17 I se him but not now, I behold hym but not nye. There shall come a starre of Iacob and ryse a scepter of Israel, which shal smite the costes of Moab and vndermine all the chyldren of Seth. Numbers 24:18 And Edom shalbe hys possession, and the possession of Seir shall be theyr enemies, and Israel shall do manfully. Numbers 24:19 And out of Iacob shal come he that shal destroye the remnaunt of the cityes.

Numbers 24:20 And he loked on Amaleck and began hys parable and sayd: Amaleck is the first of the nations, but hys later ende shall peryshe vtterli. Numbers 24:21 And he loked on the Kenites, & toke his parable and sayd: stronge is thy dwellynge place & put thy neste vpon a rocke. Numbers 24:22 Neuerthelater thou shalt be a burnyng to Kain, vntyl Assar take the prisoner. Numbers 24:23 And he toke hys parable & sayed. Alas, who shal lyue when God doth this? Numbers 24:24 The shyppes shal come out of the cost of Chittim & subdue Assur and subdue Eber, & he him selfe shal perish at the laste. Numbers 24:25 And Balam rose vp and went & dwelt in his place: & Balac also went hys way.

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