Matthew Bible

Psalms 10

David complaineth to God of the outrage of the wicked.

Psalms 10:1 Why arte thou gone so far of, O Lord? wylt thou hyde thy selfe in tyme of trouble? Psalms 10:2 While the vngodlye hath þe ouer hand, the pore must suffer persecutyon. O that they were taken in the ymagynacion which they go aboute. Psalms 10:3 For the vngodly maketh bost of his owne hertes desyre, the couetous blesseth him selfe and blasphemeth the Lorde. Psalms 10:4 The vngodlye is so proude and full of indignacyon, that he careth not mether is God before hys eyes. Psalms 10:5 Hys wayes are al waye filthye, thy iudgementes are farre out of his sight, he defyeth all his enemyes. Psalms 10:6 For he sayth in hys herte: Tushe, I shall neuer be cast downe, ther shal no harme happen vnto me. Psalms 10:7 His mouth is ful of cursyng, fraude & disceate vnder hys tonge is trauayle and sorowe. Psalms 10:8 He sytteth lurckynge in the gardens, that he may pryuely murther the innocente, hys eyes are set vpon the poore. Psalms 10:9 He lyeth waytynge secretlye, as ti were a lyon in hys denne. He lurketh that he maye rauyshe the pore, yea, to rauysh the poore, when he hath gotten him into hys net. Psalms 10:10 Then smyteth he, then oppresseth he and casteth downe the pore with his authoritye. Psalms 10:11 For he sayeth in hys herte: Tushe, God hath forgotten, he hath turned awaye hys face, so that he wyll neuer se it.

He prayeth for remedy.

Psalms 10:12 Aryse Lorde God, lyfte vp thyne hande and forget not the poore. Psalms 10:13 Wherfore should the wycked blaspheme God and saye in his herte: tush, he careth not for it: Psalms 10:14 Thys thou seyst, for thou consyderest the mysery and sorowe. The poore geueth him selfe ouer into thy hande, and committeth hym vnto the, for thou art the helper of the frendlesse. Psalms 10:15 Breake thou the arme of the vngodly and malycyous, search out the wickednes which he hath done, that he maye perysh.

He professeth his confidence.

Psalms 10:16 The Lord is kynge for euer, the Heithen shal perish out of his land. Psalms 10:17 Lord, thou hearest the desyrous longing of the poore: theyr hert is sure, that thine eare herkeneth therto. Psalms 10:18 Helpe the fatherlesse and poore vnto their ryght, that the vngodlye be no more exalted vpon earh.

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