Matthew Bible

Psalms 109

David, complaining of his slanderous enemies, under the person of Judas devoteth them.

Psalms 109:1 {To the chaunter, a Psalme of Dauyd.} Holde not thy tong: O God of my praise. Psalms 109:2 For the mouth of the vngodlye yea and þe mouth of the disceatfull is opened vpon me, and speake agaynste me wyth false tonges. Psalms 109:3 They compase me aboute with wordes of hatred, and fight against me without a cause Psalms 109:4 For the loue that I had vnto them, they take now my contrary parte, but I geue my selfe vnto prayer. Psalms 109:5 Thus they reward me euel for good, and hatred for my god wyll. Psalms 109:6 Set an vngodly man to be ruler ouer him and let Satan stande at his ryghte hande. Psalms 109:7 When sentence is geuen vpon him, let him be condempned, and let his prayer be turned into synne. Psalms 109:8 Let his daies be few, and his bishopricke let another take. Psalms 109:9 Let hys chyldren be fatherlesse, and hys wyfe a wydowe. Psalms 109:10 Let his children be vagabaundes, and bege their breade: lette them seke it, as they that be destroyed. Psalms 109:11 Let the extorcioner consume al that he hath and let straungers spoyle his laboure. Psalms 109:12 Let ther be no man to pytye, ner to haue compassyon vpon his fatherles chyldren. Psalms 109:13 Let hys ende be destruccyon, & in the next generacion let his name be cleane put oute. Psalms 109:14 Let the wickednesse of his fathers be had in remembraunce in the syght of the Lorde & and let not the synne of hys mother be done awaye. Psalms 109:15 Let them alway be before the Lorde, but as for the memoryall of them selues, let it perysh from out of the earth.

He sheweth their sin.

Psalms 109:16 And that because hys mynde was not to do good. but persecuted the poore helplesse, and hym that was vexed at the harte, to slay hym. Psalms 109:17 Hys delyte was in cursynge, and therfore shall it happen vnto hym: he loued not blessynge and that shall be far from hym. Psalms 109:18 He clothed hym selfe wyth cursynge lyke as wyth a rayment: yea it wente into hys bowels lyke water, and lyke oile into his bones Psalms 109:19 Let it be vnto hym as the cloke that he hath vpon hym, and as the gyrdle that he is gyrded with al. Psalms 109:20 Let it thus happen from the Lorde vnto myne enemyes, and to those that speake euel agaynst my soule.

Complaining of his own misery, he prayeth for help.

Psalms 109:21 But deale thou wyth me, O Lorde God, accordynge vnto thy name, for swete is thy mercy. O deliuer me, Psalms 109:22 for I am helplesse, and pore and my herte is wounded within me. Psalms 109:23 I go hence lyke the shadowe that departeth, & am driuen away as the greshoppers. Psalms 109:24 My knees are weake thorow fastynge my flesh is dryed vp for want of fatnesse. Psalms 109:25 I am become a rebuke vnto them, they loke vpon me and shake their heades. Psalms 109:26 Helpe me, O Lorde my God, oh saue me for thy mercies sake. Psalms 109:27 That they maye knowe, how that thys is thy hand, and that thou hast done it. Psalms 109:28 Though they curse, yet blesse thou: and let them be confounded, that ryse vp agaynst me, but let thy seruaunt reioyse. Psalms 109:29 Let myne aduersaryes be clothed wyth their owne shame, as with a cloke.

He promiseth thankfulness.

Psalms 109:30 As for me, I wyl geue thanckes vnto the Lord wyth my mouth, and praise hym among the multitude. Psalms 109:31 For he standeth at the ryght hand of the pore, to saue hym from suche as condempne hys soule.

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