Matthew Bible

Psalms 18

David praiseth God for his manifold and marvellous blessings.

Psalms 18:1 {To the chaunter of Dauid, seruaunt of the Lorde, whiche sayde vnto the Lorde the woordes of thys songe, on the daye in which the Lorde delyuered hym from the hande of all hys enemyes, and from the hande of Saul, and sayde.} I wyll loue the (O Lorde) my strength. Psalms 18:2 The Lorde is my succour, my refuge, my sauyoure: my God, my helper in whome I trust: my buckler, the horne of my health, and my proteccion. Psalms 18:3 I will prayse the Lorde, and call vppon hym, so shall I be safe fro myne enemyes. Psalms 18:4 The sorowes of deathe compassed me, and the brokes of vngodlynes made me afrayed. Psalms 18:5 The paynes of hell came aboute me, the snares of death toke holde vpon me. Psalms 18:6 Yet in my trouble I called vpon the Lord, and complayned vnto my God. So he hearde my voyce out of hys holye temple, and my complaynte came before hym ye euen into hys eares. Psalms 18:7 Then the earth trembled and quaked, the verye foundacyones of the hylles shoke and were remoued, because he was wroth. Psalms 18:8 There wente a smoke oute of hys nostrels and a consuming fyre out of his mouth so that coales were kyndled at it. Psalms 18:9 He bowed the heauens & came downe, and it was darke vnder his fete. Psalms 18:10 He rode vpon the Cherubyns & dyd fle: he came flyenge wyth the wynges of the wynde. Psalms 18:11 He made darcknesse his pauylion rounde aboute hym, wyth darcke water and thycke cloudes to couer him. Psalms 18:12 At the brightnes of his presence the cloudes remoued, wyth hayle stones and coales of fyre. Psalms 18:13 The Lord also thondred out of the heauen and the heygth gaue his thonder wyth haile stones and coales of fyre. Psalms 18:14 He sente oute hys arrowes and scattered them, he cast sore lyghtenynges, and destroied them. Psalms 18:15 The sprynges of waters were sene, and the foundacyons of the rounde worlde were discouered at thy chidynge (O Lorde) at the blastynge and breth of thy displeasures. Psalms 18:16 He sente doune from the heygth to fetch me, and toke me out of greate waters. Psalms 18:17 He delyuered me fro my stronge enemies & fro my foes whych were to myghtye for me Psalms 18:18 They preuented me in the time of my trouble, but the Lorde was my defence. Psalms 18:19 He broughte me forthe also into lybertye: and delyuered me, because, he had a fauoure vnto me. Psalms 18:20 The Lorde shall rewarde me after my righteous dealynge, and accordynge to the clennesse of my handes shall he recompense me. Psalms 18:21 For I haue kepte the wayes of the Lord: and haue not behaued my selfe wickedly agaynst my God. Psalms 18:22 I haue an eye vnto all hys lawes, and caste not oute hys commaundementes fro me. Psalms 18:23 Vncorrupte wyll I be before him, and will eschue myne owne wyckednes. Psalms 18:24 Therfore shall the Lorde rewarde me after my ryghtuous dealynge, and accordinge vnto the clennesse of my handes in his eye sighte. Psalms 18:25 With the holye thou shalte be holye, and wyth the innocente thou shalte be innocente. Psalms 18:26 With the cleane thou shalt be cleane, and with the frowarde thou shalte be frowarde. Psalms 18:27 For thou shalte saue the poore oppressed, and brynge doune the hye lokes of the proude. Psalms 18:28 Thou lyghtest my candell, O Lorde my God: thou maketh my darcknesse to be light Psalms 18:29 For in the I can dyscomforte an hoste of men: yea in my God I can leape ouer the walle. Psalms 18:30 The waye of God is a perfecte waye: the wordes of the Lorde are tryed in the fire: he is a shylde of defence, for all them that truste in hym. Psalms 18:31 For who is God, but the Lord? Or who hath any strength, but our God? Psalms 18:32 It is God that gyrded me with strength, and made my way vncorrupt. Psalms 18:33 He hathe made my fete lyke hertes fete, and set me vpon hye. Psalms 18:34 He teacheth myne handes to fyght, & maketh myne armes to breake euen a bowe of stele. Psalms 18:35 Thou haste geuen me the defence of thy healthe, thy ryghte hande vpholdeth me, and thy louynge correctyon maketh me greate. Psalms 18:36 Thou hast made roume ynough vnder me for to go, that my fote steppes shuld not slyde. Psalms 18:37 I wyll folowe vpon myne enemyes, and take them: I wyll not turne tyll they be dyscomforted. Psalms 18:38 I wyll smyte them, they shall not be able to stand, but fal vnder my fete. Psalms 18:39 Thou hast gyrded me with strength vnto the battel, thou hast throwen them al downe vnder me that rose vp agaynst me. Psalms 18:40 Thou hast made myne enemyes to turne heir backes vpon me, thou haste destroyed them: that hated me. Psalms 18:41 They cryed, but there was none to helpe them: yea euen vnto the Lorde, but he heard them not. Psalms 18:42 I wyll beate them as smalle as the duste claye in the wynde, I wyll cast them out as the clay in the stretes. Psalms 18:43 Thou shalt delyuer me from the striuynges of þe people, thou shalt make me þe head of the Heathen. A people whom I haue not knowne shal serue me. Psalms 18:44 As soone as they heare of me, they shall obey me, but the straung chyldren dyssemble with me. Psalms 18:45 The straunge chyldren are waxen olde, and go haltynge out of their pathes. Psalms 18:46 The Lorde lyueth: and blessed be, my helper, praysed be the God of my health. Psalms 18:47 Euen the God which seyth that I be auenged, and subdueth the people vnto me. Psalms 18:48 It is he that delyuereth me from my cruell enemyes: thou shalt lyfte me vp from them that ryse against me, thou shalt rid me from the wycked man. Psalms 18:49 For this cause I wyll geue thankes vnto the (O lorde) among the gentiles, and synge prayses vnto thy name. Psalms 18:50 Greate prosperitye geueth he vnto hys Kynge: and sheweth louynge kyndnesse vnto Dauyd hys anoynted yea & vnto his sede for euermore.

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