Matthew Bible

Psalms 44

The Church, in memory of former favours,

Psalms 44:1 {To the chaunter an instruccyon of the sonnes of Corah.} We haue herde with our eares (O God) our fathers haue told vs, what thou hast don in their tyme of olde Psalms 44:2 Howe thou hast dryuen out the Heythen wyth thy hand, and planted them in: how thou hast destroyed the nacions and cast them out. Psalms 44:3 For they gat not the lande in possessyon thorowe their owne swearde, neyther was it their owne arme that helped them. But thy ryght hande, thyne arme and the lyght of thy countenaunce, because thou haddest a fauoure vnto them. Psalms 44:4 Thou arte the Kynge and my God, thou sendest helpe vnto Iacob. Psalms 44:5 Thorow the, wyll we ouerthrow our enemyes: and in thy name wyll we treade them vnder, that ryse vp agaynst vs. Psalms 44:6 For I wyll not trust in my bowe, it is not my sweard that shall helpe me.

complaineth of her present evils.

Psalms 44:7 But it is thou that sauest vs from our enemyes: and puttest them to confusyon that hate vs. Psalms 44:8 We wyll alway make our boast of God, and prayse thy name for euer. Selah. Psalms 44:9 But now thou forsakest vs, and puttest vs to confusyon, and goest not forth wyth oure Hostes. Psalms 44:10 Thou makest vs to turne oure backes vpon oure enemyes, so that they which hate vs spoyle our goodes. Psalms 44:11 Thou lettest vs be eaten vp lyke shepe, & scaterest vs among the Heathen. Psalms 44:12 Thou sellest thy people for naught, and takest no money for them. Psalms 44:13 Thou makeste vs to be rebuked of oure neyghboures, to be laughed to scorne & had in derision, of them that are rounde about vs Psalms 44:14 Thou hast made vs, a very by word among the Heathen, and that the people shake their heades at vs. Psalms 44:15 My confusion is dayly before me, and the shame of my face couereth me. Psalms 44:16 For the voyce of the sclaunderer and blasphemer, for the enemye and auenger.

Professing her integrity,

Psalms 44:17 All this is come vpon vs, and yet haue we not forgotten the ner behaued oure selues vnfaythfully in thy couenaunt. Psalms 44:18 Oure herte is not turned backe, neyther our steps gone out of thy way. Psalms 44:19 For thou hast smitten vs in the place of dragones, and couered vs with the shadow of death. Psalms 44:20 If we had forgotten the name of our God and holden vp oure handes to any straunge God. Psalms 44:21 Should not God fynde it out? for he knoweth the very secretes of the herte. Psalms 44:22 But for thy sake we are kylled all the daye longe, and are counted as shepe apoynted to be slayne. Psalms 44:23 Vp Lorde, why slepest thou? wake, and cast vs not of for euer.

she fervently prayeth for succour.

Psalms 44:24 Wherfore hydest thy face? wylte thou cleane forget oure mysery and oppression Psalms 44:25 For oure soule is brought low euen vnto the dust, and our bely cleueth vnto the ground Psalms 44:26 Arise O Lord, helpe vs and delyuer vs for thy mercy sake.

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