Matthew Bible

Psalms 45

The majesty and grace of Christ's Kingdom.

Psalms 45:1 {To the chaunter, vpon Sosanim, an instruccion of the chyldren of Corah, a songe of loue.} Mi herte is endytinge of a godd matter, I speake of that, which I haue made of the kynge: My tonge is the penne of a ready wryter. Psalms 45:2 Thou arte the fayrest amonge the chyldren of men, full of grace are thy lyppes, therfore God blesseth the for euer. Psalms 45:3 Gyrde the with thy swerde vpon thy thyghe (O thou mightye) with worshippe and renowne. Psalms 45:4 Good lucke haue thou with thyne honor, ryde on with the trueth, mekenesse & righteousnes: and thy righthand shall teach the wonderfull thynges. Psalms 45:5 Thy arrowes are sharpe, þe people shal be subdued vnto the, euen in the myddest amonge the kynges enemyes. Psalms 45:6 Thy seate (O God) endureth for euer: the scepter of thy kyngdome is a right scepter. Psalms 45:7 Thou hast loued righteousnesse, & hated iniquitie: wherfore God (which is thy God) hath anoynted the with the oyle of gladnes aboue thy felowes. Psalms 45:8 All thy garmentes are lyke myrre, Aloes & Cassia, when thou commest out of thine yuerye palaces in thy beutifull glory. Psalms 45:9 Kynges daughters go in thy goodly aray and vpon thy right hande standeth the quene in a vesture of the most fyne golde.

The duty of the Church, and the benefits thereof.

Psalms 45:10 Herken (O daughter) considre, & enclyne thyne eare: forget thyne owne people, & thy fathers house. Psalms 45:11 So shall the kynge haue pleasure in thy beuty, for he is thy Lorde, & thou shalte worshyp hym. Psalms 45:12 The daughters of Tire shalbe there with gyftes, the ryche amonge the people shall make their supplication before the. Psalms 45:13 The kynges daughter is all glorious within, her clothyng is of wrought golde. Psalms 45:14 She shalbe brought vnto the kyng in rayment of nedle worke, & maidens after her: such as be next her shalbe brought vnto the. Psalms 45:15 Wyth ioye and gladnesse shall they be brought, & go into the kynges palace. Psalms 45:16 In steade of thy fathers thou hast gotten chyldren, whome thou shalt make princes in all landes. Psalms 45:17 I wyll remembre thy name from one generacion to another: therfore shall the people geue thankes vnto the, worlde withoute ende.

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