Matthew Bible

Psalms 55

David in his prayer complaineth of his fearful case.

Psalms 55:1 {To the chaunter in Neginoth, an instruccion of Dauid.} Heare my prayer, O God, and hyde not thy self fro my petycion. Psalms 55:2 Take hede vnto me & heare me, how piteously I mourne and complayne. Psalms 55:3 The enemye cryeth so, and the vngodly commeth on so fast: for they are mynded too do me some mischief, so maliciously are they set agaynst me. Psalms 55:4 My hert is heuy within me, and the feare of death is fallen vpon me. Psalms 55:5 Fearfulnesse and tremblynge are come vpon me, and an horrible drede hathe ouerwhelmed me. Psalms 55:6 And I sayde: O that I had wynges lyke a doue, that I might fle somwhere, and be at rest. Psalms 55:7 Lo, then wolde I get me awaye farre of, and remayne in the wildernesse. Selah. Psalms 55:8 I wolde make haste to escape, from the stormy wynde and tempest.

He prayeth against his enemies, of whose wickedness and treachery he complaineth.

Psalms 55:9 Destroye their tonges (O Lorde) and deuyde them, for I se vnrighteousnes & stryfe in the cytye. Psalms 55:10 Thys goeth daye and nyght aboute the walles, mischief and vyce are in the middest of it. Psalms 55:11 Wickednesse is therin, disceate and gyle go not out of her stretes. Psalms 55:12 If it were myne enemye that reuyled me, I could beare it: or if one that ought me euel wyll dyd threaten me, I wolde hyde my self from hym. Psalms 55:13 But it is thou my companyon, my gyde & myne owne familier frende. Psalms 55:14 We had swete and secrete communicacion together in the house of God. Psalms 55:15 Let death come hastely vppon them, and let them goo doune quyck into hell, for wickednes is amonge theym in their dwellynges.

He comforteth himself in God's preservation of him, and confusion of his enemies.

Psalms 55:16 As for me, I will call vnto God, and the Lord shall helpe me. Psalms 55:17 In the euenynge, mornyng and at noone daye will I mourne and complayne: and he shall heare my voyce. Psalms 55:18 It is he that deliuereth my soule in peace, from them that laye wayte for me: for they are many agaynst me. Psalms 55:19 Yea, euen God that endureth for euer, shall heare me, and bring them doune. Selah. For they will not turne: and why? they feare not God. Psalms 55:20 Yea, they laye handes vpon such as be at peace with hym, & so they breake hys couenaunt. Psalms 55:21 Their mouthes are softer then butter, & yet haue they battayll in theyr mynde: theyr wordes are smoother then oyle, and yet be they very swerdes. Psalms 55:22 O cast thy burthen, or care, vpon the Lord he shall norysh the, and not leaue the ryghteous in vnquyetnesse. Psalms 55:23 But as for them, thou (O God) shalt cast doune into the pytte of destruccion. The bloudthrustye & disceatfull shall not lyue out half their dayes. Neuerthelesse my trust is in the.

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