Matthew Bible

Psalms 78

An exhortation both to learn and to preach the Law of God.

Psalms 78:1 {An instruccyon of Asaph.} Heare my lawe, O my people, enclyne your eares vnto the wordes of my mouth. Psalms 78:2 I wyll open my mouth in parables, and speake of thynges of olde. Psalms 78:3 Whych we haue herde and knowne, and such as our fathers haue told vs. Psalms 78:4 That we shoulde not hyde them from the chyldren of the generations to come: but to shewe the honoure of the Lorde, hys myghte and wonderfull worckes that he hath done. Psalms 78:5 He made a couenaunte wyth Iacob, and gaue Israel a lawe, whiche he commaunded oure forefathers to teache their chyldren. Psalms 78:6 That their posterytye myghte knowe it, and the chyldren whych were yet vnborne. To thintent that when they came vp they myghte shewe their chyldren the same. Psalms 78:7 That they also myghte put their truste in God, & not to forget what he had done, but to kepe his commaundementes, Psalms 78:8 And not to be as their forefathers, a froward and ouerthwarte generatyon, a generation that set not their herte a ryghte, and whose spirite was not true towarde God.

The story of God's wrath against the incredulous and disobedient.

Psalms 78:9 Lyke as the chyldren of Ephraim, which beyng harnessed and carieng bowes, turned them selues backe in tyme of battayl. Psalms 78:10 They kept not þe couenant of god, and wold not walke in his law. Psalms 78:11 They forgate what he had done, and the wonderfull workes that he had shewed for them. Psalms 78:12 Maruelous thynges dyd he in the sighte of our fathers in the lande of Egipt, euen in the felde of Zoan. Psalms 78:13 He deuided the sea & let them go thorowe it, & made the waters to stande like a wall. Psalms 78:14 In the daye tyme he ledde them with a cloude, and all the night thorow with a light of fyre. Psalms 78:15 He cloaue the harde rockes in the wildernesse, & gaue them drynke therof, as it hadde bene out of the great deapth. Psalms 78:16 He brought waters out of the stony rock, so that they gusshed out lyke the ryuers. Psalms 78:17 Yet for all this they synned agaynste hym, and prouoked the moost hyest in the wyldernes. Psalms 78:18 They tempted God in their hertes, and requyred meate for their lust. Psalms 78:19 For they spoke agaynst God, & sayde: yea yea, God shall prepare a table in the wildernesse, shall he? Psalms 78:20 Lo, he smote the stony rocke, that the watery streames gusshed out, and the streames flowed with all: but how can he geue bread and prouyde flesh for hys people? Psalms 78:21 When þe Lord hearde this, he was wroth so the fyre was kyndled in Iacob, and heauy displeasure agaynst Israel. Psalms 78:22 Because they beleued not in God, & putte not their trust in hys helpe. Psalms 78:23 So he commaunded the cloudes aboue, & opened the dores of heauen. Psalms 78:24 He rayned doune Manna vpon them for to eate, and gaue them bread from heauen. Psalms 78:25 Then eate they aungels fode, for he sentte them meate ynough. Psalms 78:26 He caused the East wynd to blowe vnder the heauen, & thorow hys power he brought in the South wynde. Psalms 78:27 He made flesh to raine vpon them as thicke as dust, and fethered foules like as the sande of the sea. Psalms 78:28 He let it fall amonge their tentes rounde about theyr habitacions. Psalms 78:29 So they eate, and were fylled, for he gaue them their owne desyre. Psalms 78:30 They were not disapoynted of their lust. But whyle þe meate was yet in their mouthes: Psalms 78:31 the heuy wrath of God came vpon them, slewe the welthiest of them, & smote doune the chosen men of Israel. Psalms 78:32 But for all this they sinned yet more, and beleued not hys wonderous workes. Psalms 78:33 Therfore their dayes were consumed in vanyte, and sodenly their yeares were gone. Psalms 78:34 When he slewe them, they sought hym, & turned them early vnto God. Psalms 78:35 They thoughte then that God was theyr succour, and that the hye God was their redemer. Psalms 78:36 Neuerthelesse they dyd but flatter him in their mouthes, and dissembled with hym in their tonges. Psalms 78:37 For their herte was not whole with him, neither continued they in his couenaunt. Psalms 78:38 But he was so mercifull, that he forgaue their misdedes, and destroyed them not. Yea, many a tyme turned he hys wrathe awaye, and wolde not suffre hys whole dyspleasure to aryse. Psalms 78:39 For he considered that they wer but flesh: euen a wynde that passeth awaye, and commeth not agayne. Psalms 78:40 O how ofte haue they greued hym in the wyldernesse? How many a tyme haue they prouoked hym in the deserte? Psalms 78:41 They turned backe, and tempted God, & moued the holy one in Israel. Psalms 78:42 They thought not of hys hand, in the day when he delyuered them from the hande of the enemye. Psalms 78:43 Howe he had wroughte hys myracles in Egypte, and hys wonders in the lande of Zoan. Psalms 78:44 How he turned their waters into bloude, so that they myghte not dryncke of the ryuers. Psalms 78:45 How he sent lyce among them, to eate them vp, and frogges to destroye them. Psalms 78:46 How he gaue their frutes vnto the catyrpyller, & their labour vnto the greshopper. Psalms 78:47 How he bete doune theyr vyneyardes wt hayle stones, and their molbery trees wyth the frost. Psalms 78:48 How he smote theyr cattel with haylestones, & their flockes with hote thonder boltes. Psalms 78:49 How he sent vppon them the furiousnesse of his wrath, anger & displeasure: with trouble and falling in of euell aungels. Psalms 78:50 When he made a waye to hys fearful indignacion, and spared not their soules from death, yea, & gaue their cattell ouer to the pestilence. Psalms 78:51 When he smote al the first born in Egipt, the mooste principall and mightyest in the dwellynges of Ham. Psalms 78:52 But as for his owne people, he lead them forth lyke shepe, and caried them in the wyldernesse lyke a flocke. Psalms 78:53 He brought them out safely, þt they shoulde not feare, and ouerwhelmed their enemyes with the sea. Psalms 78:54 He caryed them vnto the borders of his Sanctuary: euen into thys hyl, which he purchased with hys ryghthande. Psalms 78:55 He dyd cast out the Heathen before them, caused their lande to be deuyded among them for an heritage, and made the trybes of Israel to dwell in their tentes. Psalms 78:56 For all this they tempted & displeased the most hye God, and kept not hys couenaunt. Psalms 78:57 But turned their backes, and fell awaye lyke their forefathers, startynge asyde like a broken boowe. Psalms 78:58 And so they greued hym with theyr hye places, & prouoked him with their ymages. Psalms 78:59 When God hearde thys, he was wroth, and toke sore dyspleasure at Israell. Psalms 78:60 So that he forsoke the Tabernacle in Silo, euen his habitacyon wherin he dwelte amonge men. Psalms 78:61 He delyuered their power into captyuitye and their glory into the enemies hande. Psalms 78:62 He gaue his people ouer into the swearde for he was wroth wyth hys herytage. Psalms 78:63 The fyre consumed their yonge men, and their maydens were not geuen to mariage. Psalms 78:64 Their Prestes were slaine with the swerd and there were no wyddowes to make lamentacyon. Psalms 78:65 So the Lorde, awaked as one oute of slepe, and lyke a gyaunte refreshed wyth wyne. Psalms 78:66 He smote hys enemyes in the hynder partes, and put them to perpetuall shame.

The Israelites being rejected, God chose Judah, Zion, and David.

Psalms 78:67 He refused the tabernacle of Ioseph, and chose not the trybe of Ephraim. Psalms 78:68 Neuertheles, he chose the trybe of Iuda, euen the hyll of Syon which he loued. Psalms 78:69 And there he buylded hys temple on hye, and layd the foundation of it like the ground that it myght perpetually endure. Psalms 78:70 He chose Dauid also hys seruaunte, and toke hym away from the shepe foldes. Psalms 78:71 As he was folowynge the yewes greate with yonge, he toke him, that he myghte fede Iacob hys people, & Israel hys enherytance. Psalms 78:72 So he fedde them wyth a fayethfull and true herte, and ruled them wyth diligence of of his power.

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