Matthew Bible

Song of Songs 2

The mutual love of Christ and his Church.

Song of Songs 2:1 I am the floure of the felde, and Lylye of the valleys: Song of Songs 2:2 as the Rose amonge the thornes, so is my loue among the daughters. Song of Songs 2:3 Lyke as the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloued among the sones. My delyte is to sit vnder hys shadowe, for hys frute is swete vnto my throte. Song of Songs 2:4 He bringeth me into hys wyne seller, and loueth me specially well. Song of Songs 2:5 Refreshe me wyth grapes, comforte me with apples, for I am sycke of loue. Song of Songs 2:6 His left hand lyeth vnder my head, and hys right hande embraceth me. Song of Songs 2:7 I charge you (O ye daughters of Ierusalem) by the Roes & hyndes of the felde, that ye wake not vp my loue nor touche her, tyll she be content her selfe.

The hope,

Song of Songs 2:8 Me thynke I heare the voyce of my beloued: lo, there commeth he hoppyng vpon the mountaynes, & leapyng ouer the litle hylles. Song of Songs 2:9 My beloued is lyke a Roo or a yong hart. Beholde, he standeth behynde oure wall, he loketh in at the wyndow, and pepeth thorow the grate.

and calling of the Church.

Song of Songs 2:10 My beloued aunswered & sayde vnto me. O stande vp my loue, my doue, my beutifull, & come: Song of Songs 2:11 for lo, the wynter is now paste, & the rayne is away & gone. Song of Songs 2:12 The floures are come vp in the felde, the twystynge tyme is come, the voyce of the turtle doue is hearde in our lande. Song of Songs 2:13 The fygge tree bringeth forthe her figges, the vynes beare blossoms, & haue a good smell. O stande vp my loue, my beutifull, & come

Christ's care of the Church.

Song of Songs 2:14 (O my doue) oute of the caues of the rockes, out of the holes of the wal: O let me se thy countenaunce & heare thy voyce, for swete is thy voyce and fayre is thy face. Song of Songs 2:15 Get vs the foxes, yea, the litle foxes that hurt þe vynes, for our vines beare blossoms.

The profession of the Church, her faith and hope.

Song of Songs 2:16 My loue is myne, and I am hys, whych fedeth among the Lilies, Song of Songs 2:17 vntill the day breake, and till the shadowes be gone. Come agayn preuely (O my beloued) lyke as a Roo or a yong hart vnto the mountaynes.

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