Rotherham's Emphasized Bible

Isaiah 34

The judgments wherewith God revengeth his Church.

Isaiah 34:1 Come near, ye nations, to hear, And, ye races, attend,—Let the earth hear, and the fulness thereof, The world, and all things produced therefrom: Isaiah 34:2 That Yahweh, hath wrath against all the nations, and indignation against all their host,—He hath devoted them to destruction, He hath delivered them to slaughter; Isaiah 34:3 And, their slain, shall be cast out, And, their carcases, the stench of them, shall ascend,—And, the mountains, shall melt away, with their blood. Isaiah 34:4 Then shall be dissolved, all the host of the heavens, And the heavens, shall roll up as a scroll,—Yea, all their host, shall fade—Like the fading and falling of a leaf from a vine, and, Like what fadeth and falleth from a fig-tree. Isaiah 34:5 For my sword, hath been sated in the heavens,—Lo! upon Edom, shall it descend, Even on the people whom I have devoted to justice. Isaiah 34:6 A sword, hath Yahweh—Glutted with blood, Sated with fat,—With the blood of well-fed lambs, and he-goats, With the fat of the kidneys of rams,—For, a sacrifice, hath Yahweh, in Bozrah, Yea a great slaughter, in the land of Edom; Isaiah 34:7 Then shall buffaloes come down with them, And bullocks with bulls,—So shall their land be soaked with blood, And, their dust, with fat, shall be enriched. Isaiah 34:8 For, a day of avenging, hath Yahweh,—A year of requitals, for the quarrel of Zion. Isaiah 34:9 Then shall, the torrents thereof, be turned, into pitch, And, the dust thereof, into brimstone,—So shall her land become burning pitch: Isaiah 34:10 Neither, night nor day, shall it be quenched, To times age-abiding, shall ascend the smoke thereof,—From generation to generation, shall it be waste, Never, never, shall any pass through it:

The desolation of her enemies.

Isaiah 34:11 That the vomiting pelican and the bittern, may possess it: And, the great owl and the raven, dwell therein; Then will he stretch out over it, The line of desolation, and, The plummet of emptiness. Isaiah 34:12 Her nobles (but none are, there!) unto royalty, will call,—All, all her princes, shall become nought. Isaiah 34:13 Then shall come up, in her palaces, thorns, Nettles and thistles, in her fortresses,—And she shall become, A home for wild dogs, An enclosure for ostriches; Isaiah 34:14 Then shall criers meet with howlers, And, the shaggy creature, unto his fellow, shall call,—Only, there, shall, the night-spectre, Make her settlement, And find for herself a place of rest: Isaiah 34:15 There, shall, the arrow-snake, Make her nest and lay, And hatch, and gather under her shadow,—Only, there, shall be gathered the falcons, every one with her mate.

The certainty of the prophecy.

Isaiah 34:16 Seek ye out of the scroll of Yahweh, and read, Not, one from among them, is lacking, None, hath missed, her mate,—For, a mouth, hath, itself, commanded, And, his spirit, hath, itself, gathered them: Isaiah 34:17 Yea, he himself, hath cast for them a lot, And, his own hand, hath given to them a portion, by line,—Unto times age-abiding, shall they possess it, To generation after generation, shall they dwell therein.

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