Rotherham's Emphasized Bible

Isaiah 50

Christ sheweth that the dereliction of the Jews is not to be imputed to him, by his ability to save,

Isaiah 50:1 Thus, saith Yahweh—Where then is the scroll of your mother's divorce, whom I have put away? Or, which of my creditors, is it, to whom I have sold you? Lo! for your iniquities, have ye been sold, And, for your transgressions, hath your mother been put away. Isaiah 50:2 Wherefore, When I came in, was there no, one? When I called, was there none, to answer? Is mine own hand, really shortened, that it cannot redeem? Or is there not, in me, strength, to deliver? Lo! by my rebuke, I dry up the sea, I make rivers a desert, Their fish, Stinketh, for want of water, Yea dieth, for thirst: Isaiah 50:3 I clothe the heavens with gloom, And, of sackcloth, make I their covering. Isaiah 50:4 My Lord Yahweh, hath given unto me the tongue of the instructed, That I should know how to succour the fainting, with discourse,—He kept wakening—morning by morning, He kept wakening mine ear, to hearken, as do the instructed;

by his obedience in that work,

Isaiah 50:5 My Lord, Yahweh, opened mine ear, And, I, was not rebellious,—Away, turned I not: Isaiah 50:6 My back, gave I to smiters, and, My cheeks, to them who pulled out the beard,—My face, hid I not, from insult and spitting.

and by his confidence in that assistance.

Isaiah 50:7 Because, My Lord, Yahweh, would help me, Therefore, was I not deterred by insult,—Therefore, did I set my face, like flint, And I knew, that I should not be put to shame. Isaiah 50:8 At hand, is one who can justify me. Who, will contend with me? let, us stand forth together,—Who, can accuse me? let him draw near to me! Isaiah 50:9 Lo! My Lord, Yahweh, will help me, Who, is he, that shall prove me lawless? Lo! they all, as a garment, shall fall to pieces, The moth, shall consume them.

An exhortation to trust in God, and not in ourselves.

Isaiah 50:10 Who, among you, revereth Yahweh, Hearkening unto the voice of his Servant,—That hath walked in dark places, And hath had no gleam of light? Let him trust in the name of Yahweh, And lean upon his God. Isaiah 50:11 Lo! all ye that kindle a fire, That gird yourselves with fiery darts,—Walk ye in the blaze of your own fire, And in the fiery darts ye have kindled, At my hand, hath this befallen you, In sorrow, shall ye lie down.

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