Rotherham's Emphasized Bible

Isaiah 63

Christ sheweth who he is,

Isaiah 63:1 Who, is this, coming in from Edom, With bright-red garments, from Bozrah? This, made splendid in his raiment, Marching on in the greatness of his strength? I, speaking in righteousness, Mighty to save.

what his victory over his enemies,

Isaiah 63:2 Wherefore, is there red, on thy raiment,—And thy garments, as of one treading in a wine-trough? Isaiah 63:3 A winepress, have I trodden, alone, And, of the peoples, there was no, man with me. So I trod them down, in mine anger, And trampled upon them, in mine indignation,—And their life-blood besprinkled my garments, And, all mine apparel, I defiled; Isaiah 63:4 For, a day of avenging, was in my heart, And, the year of my redeemed, had come. Isaiah 63:5 Therefore looked I around, and there was none to help,—And I was astonished, that there was none to uphold,—So, mine own arm, brought me salvation, And, mine indignation, the same, upheld me; Isaiah 63:6 Then trod I down peoples, in mine anger, And make them drunk, with mine indignation, And brought down to the earth their life-blood.

and what his mercy toward his Church.

Isaiah 63:7 The lovingkindness of Yahweh, will I recall, the praises of Yahweh, According to all that Yahweh, hath bestowed upon us,—Even the abundance of goodness to the house of Israel, Which he bestowed upon them—According to his compassions, and, According to the abundance of his lovingkindness. Isaiah 63:8 Therefore he said-Surely, my people, they are, Sons, they will not act falsely! So he became their, saviour. Isaiah 63:9 In all their affliction, he, was afflicted, And, the messenger of his presence, saved them, In his love and in his pity, he, redeemed them,—And then lifted them up and carried them, all the days of the age-past time.

In his just wrath he remembereth his free mercy.

Isaiah 63:10 But, they, rebelled, and grieved his Holy Spirit,—And so he turned against them as an enemy, He himself, fought against them. Isaiah 63:11 Then were recalled the days of the age-past time, Moses—his people:—Where, is he that led them up out of the sea, with the shepherds of his flock? Where, is he that put, within him, his Holy Spirit? Isaiah 63:12 That caused to go, at the right hand of Moses, his own majestic, arm,—Cleaving the waters from before them, To make himself an age-abiding name: Isaiah 63:13 Causing them to go through the roaring deeps,—Like a horse through the wilderness, That they should not stumble? Isaiah 63:14 As a beast, into the valley, goeth down, The Spirit of Yahweh, causeth him to rest, So, didst thou lead, thy people, To make thyself a majestic, name!

The Church in their prayer,

Isaiah 63:15 Look thou down, out of the heavens, and see, Out of the high abode of thy holiness and of thy majesty,—Where, are thy jealousy, and thy mighty deeds? The resounding of thy yearning affection, and thy compassions towards me, are they restrained? Isaiah 63:16 For, thou, art our father, Though, Abraham, knew us not, And, Israel, could not acknowledge us,—Thou, O Yahweh, art our father, Our Redeemer from the Age-past time, is thy name.

and complaint, profess their faith.

Isaiah 63:17 Wherefore, shouldst thou suffer us to wander O Yahweh, from thy ways? [Wherefore] shouldst thou let us harden our heart past revering thee? Return thou, for the sake of, Thy servants, The tribes thou thyself hast inherited. Isaiah 63:18 For a short time only, did thy holy, people hold possession,—Our adversaries, trod down thy sanctuary! Isaiah 63:19 We have become like those, Over whom, from age-past times, thou hast not ruled, Who have never, been called by thy name!

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