Rotherham's Emphasized Bible

Romans 14

Romans 14:1 Him that is weak in his faith, receive ye,—not for disputing opinions:— Romans 14:2 One, indeed, hath faith to eat all things, whereas, he that is weak, eateth herbs:

Men may not contemn nor condemn one the other for things different:

Romans 14:3 Let not, him that eateth, despise him that eateth not, and let not, him that eateth not, judge him that eateth; for, God, hath received him. Romans 14:4 Who art, thou, that judgest another's domestic? To his own master, he standeth or falleth; he shall, however, be made to stand,—for his master is able to make him stand. Romans 14:5 [For], one, indeed esteemeth one day beyond another, whereas, another, esteemeth every day:—let, each one, in his own mind be fully persuaded. Romans 14:6 He that regardeth the day, unto the Lord, regardeth it,—and, he that eateth, unto the Lord, doth eat, for he giveth thanks unto God; and, he that eateth not, unto the Lord, doth not eat and give God thanks. Romans 14:7 For, none of us, unto himself liveth, and, none, unto himself dieth; Romans 14:8 For both, if we live, unto the Lord, we live, and, if we die, unto the Lord, we die; whether therefore we live, the Lord's, we are; or whether we die, the Lord's, we are; Romans 14:9 For, to this end, Christ died and lived, in order that, both of dead and living, he might have lordship. Romans 14:10 But, thou, why dost thou judge thy brother? Aye! and thou, why dost thou despise thy brother? For, all of us, shall present ourselves unto the judgment seat of God; Romans 14:11 For it is written—Living am, I, saith the Lord, unto me, shall bow every knee, and, every tongue, shall openly confess unto God. Romans 14:12 Hence, [then], each one of us, of himself shall give account unto God.

but take heed that they give no offence in them:

Romans 14:13 No longer, then, upon one another, let us be sitting in judgment, but, this, judge ye rather—not to be putting a cause of stumbling before your brother or an occasion to fall. Romans 14:14 I know and am persuaded in the Lord Jesus—that, nothing, is profane of itself,—save to him who reckoneth anything to be profane, unto that man, [it is] profane,

for that the apostle proveth unlawful by many reasons.

Romans 14:15 If, in fact, because of food, thy brother is being grieved, no longer, by the rule of love, art thou walking:—do not, by thy food, that man, be destroying, on whose behalf Christ died! Romans 14:16 Therefore, suffer not to be defamed, your own good thing; Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in Holy Spirit; Romans 14:18 For, he that in this doeth service unto the Christ, is acceptable unto God, and approved unto men. Romans 14:19 Hence, then, the things pertaining to peace, let us pursue, and the things which belong to the upbuilding one of another: Romans 14:20 Do not, for the sake of food, be throwing down the work of God! All things, indeed, are pure; but, ill, is it for the man who with occasion of stumbling doth eat,— Romans 14:21 Well, is it not to eat flesh nor to drink wine nor [to do aught] whereby thy brother is caused to stumble. Romans 14:22 The faith which thou hast, have to thyself before God: happy, he that bringeth not judgment upon himself by that which he approveth; Romans 14:23 But, he that is in doubt, if he eat, hath condemned himself,—because, [it was] not of faith, and, everything which is not of faith, is sin.

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